Today handicraft industry of India is full of the rich cultural diversity and is also full of the natural resources and amplified workforce to develop the handicraft stuff. That is why the growth rate of Indian Handicraft market is measured at 20% per annum. It is one of the most decentralized sector of economy where the government interruption is nominal so it is also an attraction hub for the foreign companies.

In this blog post we will not try to explain the handicraft industry losses and benefits but we will try to understand the basic problems of the handicraft industry which are preventing the growth sector of the enormous Indian Handicraft industry.

basic problems of Indian Handicrafts -

  1. There is no lack of Indian Handicraft resources and raw material but artisans have to take it from the local providers which sell it from high prices and it is not a beneficial point because there is no raw material provider bank in india.

  1. There is a lack of supply chain management system in India because domestic and international level market has grown to the products which have an ethnic and historical value attached to them. These products are very low in quality and quantity and they are not in the proper supply.

  2. There has been nominal effort in the case of quality of products because there have been low efforts to reshape the historical image of the handicraft items. There is very tough competition in the international market and Indian handicrafts are still considered as the most ancillary, old fashioned and traditional. There is a lot of work to make them more contemporary with the traditional look.

  1. The local and village artisans are very low educated and there is very low understanding of price comparison, latest market and marketing trends so they have to face several problems in growth.

  1. A very unprofessional set up is found in the handicraft sector because there is no organised entity which can handle all the operations like - supply, storage capacity, packaging material, export trends etc. There is very low stability in the Indian handicraft industry.

  1. Indian handicraft products are very needed to be saved to maintain their cultural and historical value as well their existence.

Conclusion - 

With these problems we can understand that Indian handicraft industry is totally passing from the suffrage era, from where the improvements are still needed. There is a lot to be needed from the individual and government side from where the handicraft market development can be performed.

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